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About Raise Your Bar

What We're All About

Raise Your Bar LLC is an innovative results-based organization, driving success by design providing coaching, training, with a specific focus on results-based accountability. We guide organizations on strategic planning using metrics for outcomes-based reporting. Incorporating and implementing updates, upgrading companies to consistently perform at the optimal level. 

The answer is always “Yes, you can absolutely be better!”, 

The real question is: “Do you really want to?”

Sometimes wanting to be better, is not enough to achieve and deliver on that expectation. It takes strategy to move from a state of being acceptable to existing in the exceptional. There is a process not just talk to getting better. 

Getting Better by GETTING BETTER: As a Habit.

Getting Better is fearless thought, courageous experience, vulnerable exposure, and authentic expression. It means setting trends and, if necessary, changing course, mid-journey. It's trailblazing ahead with a sense of purpose that powers the thinking within, in the anticipation that a noticeable change will take place. 

Getting better to create ideas and accomplish more that help you get the better out of every effort. There is no best, only better. Getting Better is about appreciating your legacy, continuing company momentum, and looking ahead to the future - a future of new possibilities – a future that you made better by what you did today.

So yes, you can absolutely be and do better, the real question is, “Do you really want To?”

Because to do so requires some work and we are ready to get to work

RYB provides a comprehensive 3-step system that can resolve common-place challenges in professional development and operational issues such as:

⦁ Business goals not being actualized or achieved 

⦁ Toxic Team Attitudes leading to harmful, if not destructive, behaviors

⦁ Persistent Red Flags losing talent, morale, and productivity

If your organization has one or more of these issues, you need to schedule a free 30-minute Zoom consultation session with the strategic management thought leader and innovator, Patrick Young.

During this time, Patrick will first want to understand your situation and then discuss how your organization might benefit from RYB.

Patrick can help YOU and your business move forward. Ask questions, get solutions. Act schedule your free Zoom session today!

Note: Please contact us directly at should you encounter any technical challenges.


"If we did what we are capable of we would astonish ourselves…"

- Patrick Young

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